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About The Tour

Back for its third year, Backyards Guitars & Hometown Bars is an intimate house concert experience hosted in your backyard. The two hour acoustic show showcases Aaron Clafton's released music, covers and new songs he has written over the past year. Aaron's looking forward to meeting you and your closest friends and family and making unforgettable memories in your backyard. 

"Having Aaron play a backyard session for us was truly the highlight of our summer. We were able to bond with friends and family on a beautiful summer night over Aaron's music - both his own songs and some covers! We can't wait to make this a tradition for years to come."
Olivia & Michael (Madison, WI)

How It Works





Your Offer

The first step in hosting a show is to submit an offer through the google form. You will be asked to provide some basic information (contact information, location and date of the show). 

You will also be asked about what you would like to offer as a performance fee. We know talking about money can be a tricky topic and we don't want you to stress about this part of the application. A performance fee isn't required but we do give priority to those who offer one.

Previous hosts have split this cost with their guests.

If you would like more information about the application please send us an email at We want to work with whatever your budget is. 

invite your crew

Once your show is confirmed it's time to start inviting your friends, family and neighbors to the party. Aaron will send you custom graphics with the details of your show that you can use to invite your guests. You can send these via text, facebook messages or events.

You will also want to include any specific details like if guests should bring their own chair or bring their own booze!

Set the stage

No need to paint the house or literally build a stage but it might be a good idea to mow the lawn, clean the garage and set up coolers and tables for food and drinks before the show

As far as Aaron's set up he's got you. He will provide all sound and lighting but he will need access to a standard outlet and possibly an extension chord depending on where you'd like him to perform.

enjoy the show!

This is the easiest step of hosting Backyards Guitars & Hometown Bars. All the planning is done and all thats left to do is enjoy the music and the company you brought together.

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